Water Based Graphite Lubricants

“Shine” Series of Water Based Graphite Lubricants

Key Features :

  • High Quality Ultra Thin Unique Sized Graphite with Excellent Binders
  • High Performance for Heavy Press Forging
  • Higher Dilution Ratios
  • Low Per Tonnage Lubrication Cost
  • Die Life Improvements
  • Different Grades as per Requirement
  • Compatible for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Forgings

Application :

  • Hot/Warm Press Forgings
  • Upset Forgings
  • Hot Extrusions
  • Hot Pressings
  • Mandrel Lubrications
  • Hollow Forgings


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Water Based Non-Graphite Lubricants

“Shine” Series of Water Based Non-Graphite Lubricants(Synthetic)

Key Features :-

  • Water Soluble Polymer Based Lubricants
  • Graphiteless, Environment Friendly 
  • Excellent Cooling & Lubricity Properties for Shallow Cavity Components
  • No Settling Down Particles
  • Lowest Per Tonnage Cost 
  • Different Grades as Per Requirement
  • Compatible for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Forgings

Key Application Area :

  • Hammer & Press Forgings
  • Ring Rolling
  • Multi-Station Forgings
  • Mandrel Lubrications


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Oil Based Lubricants

“Shine” Series of Oil Based Lubricants

KeyFeatures :

  • Different Grades are Available with Dispersion of Excellent Quality Graphite in Base Oil
  • Excellent Wetting Properties
  • High Flash Point
  • Better Material Flow
  • Excellent Release Properties
  • Economical Solution for Extrusions & Heavy Forgings
  • Compatible for Ferrous & Non Ferrous Forgings

Key Application Area :

  • Deep Cavity Hammer Forgings
  • Heavy SS Forgings
  • Brass & AL Forgings
  • Critical Extrusions


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